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Friday, July 29, 2005

Thoughts from the Forum

Thoughts from the Forum
"I think most men do not realize how important a part they are in children's lives, what an influence they have on shaping a lot of basic values and lessons for life. And what it does when they leave and do not invest any time in their child's(ren) lives." ~ quinnandellie
"My biological father - I've never met him, and from what I know, he doesn't know that I exsist. I do hope someday to meet him. There are so many questions I want to ask, and things I want to say. Mostly, I want to tell him that I don't harbor any anger towards him for how I came to exsist or where I ended up (being adopted). He wasn't really given any more choice than I was about my adoption. As far as my conception, well, we all do stupid things when we're young." ~ Theresaxxx