Adoption Support

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Friday, July 29, 2005

A decade ago, adoptees' knowledge of our own origins and history was completely controlled by adoption brokers and the state. Reunion was, at best, an unattainable dream.
Most adoptees could not consider searching. Our mothers were unknown and unknowable, living in a secret world we could never find. We were irrevocably separated and isolated from each other -- and, often, from ourselves.

We are now in a world where the rules have changed, no longer alone, no longer isolated, no longer limited to little more than a hidden wish to find each other.

It is, at last, possible to bring that wish into consciousness, to transform it into a decision, and to act on that decision.

We now have hope.

Generations of separated families have taken our histories and our choices back into our own hands. We are working together to transform our possibilities, expectations and reality, despite the resistance of those who do not know what it means to ask, "Who am I?" or "Where is my child. . . my sister, my brother?"

By searching, your world is likely to be transformed, in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Whether you consider yourself conservative or liberal, a risk-taker or a person who never breaks the rules, by recognizing your irrevocable rights despite the rules, you are rebelling, and you are participating in a very real, very powerful, and very effective revolution.