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Friday, June 03, 2005

Daily Question June 3,2005

I have daily questions that people ask me so I will try to have a q&a Blog everyday for adoptees and birth parents. The question I had today is "Do you think that some adoption agencies hide information from adoptees and birth mothers?". In respect for the agencies, I will have to say I believe they do not mean to do this, yet they have to protect the identifying information to both parties involved. I also think they help thousands of people weekly and sometimes do not have time to do everything they need to do in a day's time. I know a woman that works in post adoption. She covers over 130 e-mails a day plus all her post adoption work and sending out this and that. Believe me, it probably could get confusing. I do think they could tell you more then they do but, they know you will go try and locate the other person, it is human nature. So, the direct answer is YES they hide info and do not pass it out to protect others.