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Thursday, June 02, 2005

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"A Gift "
Being an adoptee, I'd like to share my view,
Being you gave birth, I am not new to you,
You held me and loved me for nine months inside,
I had no feeling I can remember, I was just there for the ride.
You might have held me when I was born and looked at me and cried
for that pain you must have felt deep inside.
I have walked the streets looking at others wondering who
could you be, that thought will always stay inside of me.
My adoptive parents say I was a chosen child
and that they could not of asked for
a better gift.
I am sure that gift came as you were filled
up with pain, hurt, and as tears that rolled
down your face, but, my first mother,
it is your thought I will never erase.
It is you that made me, and gave me my smile,
eyes and ears. It is your hair that flows in the wind
and I want you to know your gift was not a sin.
It is me and I love you and I forever hold your
blood deep inside of me.
For I was given to others and they thank you
for what you had to do.
They gave me knowledge and taught
me how to walk and talk,
But, you gave me my voice and know my
first cry.
Thank you for your gift, you are so brave my first mother.
By GivenRight's Owner, Jennifer Robinson